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License Reinstatement

If your license has been suspended due to an unpaid DC or out-of-state moving violation, it may be reinstated once the violation has been paid, dismissed or placed on hold due to a payment plan.  (NOTE:  Jurisdictions will not notify DC DMV when your out-of-state moving violation has been paid or dismissed; therefore, it is your responsibility to provide DC DMV with the ticket payment receipt or dismissal court order.  If you receive a pending driver license suspension notification from DC DMV for an out-of-state ticket you already paid or that was dismissed, then you still must timely provide us with the evidence to resolve the pending suspension.  Failure to timely provide us with the evidence will result in your license being suspended, and you will still have to pay a DC reinstatement fee.) 

If your license has been suspended due to points on your driver record, it may be reinstated at the end of your mandatory suspension period. If your license has been revoked due to points on your record or a major moving violation, you may apply for reinstatement at the end of your revocation period. For revocations, you will be required to have a reinstatement hearing, which can be scheduled in person or by mail. 

If your revocation is due to an alcohol or drug related violation, you will also be required to show, at the reinstatement hearing, proof of completing a substance abuse course certified by the District's Department of Health.  Also, for revoked licenses, you will be required to start over with the licensing process by retaking the knowledge test, obtaining a learner permit and then taking the road skills test in order to get a full license.  Effective May 1, 2014, you will also be required to bring in all of your source documents so they may be revalidated due to DC DMV's implementation of REAL ID.  For more information about REAL ID, please review our FAQs.

A reinstatement fee will also be required to reinstate both a suspended and revoked driver license.

DC Residents

When eligible for reinstatement, you must pay the reinstatement fee and clear any other stops (such as unpaid DC parking, photo and moving violations, child support, insurance lapses and stops in the National Drivers Registry) on your record.

  • If your driver license is suspended, you may be able to pay the reinstatement fee online.
  • To pay your reinstatement fee in person, visit a DMV Service location.
  • To schedule a reinstatement hearing in person, you must visit Adjudication Services.  For suspensions, a reinstatement hearing is not required.
  • To request a reinstatement hearing date by mail send your letter to:

DMV Driver Improvement Office
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

Non DC Metropolitan Residents

If you do not live in the DC Metropolitan Area, you may submit a written request for reinstatement of your driving privileges if you were suspended or revoked for an alcohol/drug offense under the authority of the DC Superior Court or a similar offense in another jurisdiction when you held a DC drivers license. Please complete the Request for Reinstatement Hearing form [PDF]. You will need to include proof of completion of a state certified alcohol/drug counseling program.

Also, prior to reinstatement, you must clear any potential stops on your drivers license such as:

Mail your request for reinstatement by mail and include a check or money order for the reinstatement fee and copies of all applicable documentation, such as ticket receipts, certified counseling programs, letters of clearance, etc.

DMV Driver Improvement Office
PO Box 90120
Washington, DC 20090

If your DC driving privileges were suspended due to an unpaid DC moving violation, then you may be eligible to reinstate your privileges online.

If you drive with a suspended or revoked license, you may be jailed for up to one year, and/or pay a fine of up to $5,000.